The Stork’s Doula

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How can we help you?

We are here to give you help when you need it most! We understand that families come in all different forms and we understand that everybody has their own anxieties with the birthing and parenting process, which is why our packages range from support in labor to grocery shopping on postpartum days. Along with our focus on the main caregiver, we also offer education for family members and siblings to grow into their new familial roles. Our services include nonjudgmental support, evidence-based information, and resources and referrals to make your parenting experience as smooth as possible, no matter your past parenting experience.


We believe that…

By providing a safe space where they can learn and ask questions, new parents can grow more confidently with their families. By showing our kindness and passion, we can give parents the support they need to ease into their new roles. By offering an inclusive service, we can understand and meet your needs specific to your unique situation.