Heather is perhaps the most caring and thoughtful person I have ever met. The way she interacts with my girls is beautiful. She has a very high degree of patience; talks with them in a respectful, fun, and happy way. Unexpectedly, just from observing her interact with the girls, I learned (and continue to learn) a tremendous amount from her and gained wonderful insight on parenting that I will continue to use going forward.
— Heather, Milford MI
Ava is communicative, straight forward, able to adapt, and always willing to be a part of any conversation. Above all, she is an all around great person. Ava is someone you would actually want to be around - and the relevance of this, given the nature of her work, should never be understated!
Immediately after birth she made sure to check in on me while everyone else was focused on the baby and that was so special to me. Heather accompanied us to our home so we were never alone during that first 24 hours. Heather coached me through those first crucial breastfeeding sessions. She put both my baby and me at ease and helped give me a special way to bond with my daughter without the fuss and frustration
— Jeralyn, Charleston SC
Heather and Ava were there for our family during some of our most challenging years. They speak the language of babies and parents alike: warmth, closeness, patience, joy, consistency, and encouragement. Heather’s bubbly exuberance lifted us up, and Ava’s loving calm gave us strength. They became sisters to our children and family to us, and we are so proud to see them going into the world to bless others with their gifts.
— Theresa W, Farmington Hills, MI
Heather worked with us as post-natal parent & infant support after the arrival of our twins. Honestly, the only thing I can say is LIFE SAVER! Our twins were instantly comfortable with her. They were preemies, so we were a little unsure of what milestones they should be hitting, and when. Heather knows what to look for, and how to help them learn to reach those milestones on their own. We started working with her to help our twins, but one unexpected benefit is that she has taught us to be better parents. Would recommend 100 times out of 100.
— Amanda L, Bloomfield Hills, MI

We believe that…

By providing a safe space where they can learn and ask questions, new parents can grow more confidently with their families. By showing our kindness and passion, we can give parents the support they need to ease into their new roles. By offering an inclusive service, we can understand and meet your needs specific to your unique situation.

Within her first day on the job, my wife and I were keenly aware that Ava was an anomaly that stood out from the competition, met and often exceeded our expectations, and quelled our anxieties
— Brett, Canton MI
My greatest fear with all these kids is them not feeling special and being able to divide my attention for everyone and she [Heather] has made a point to make sure they each feel heard and acknowledged and special. It makes my heart warm and eyes wet.
— HEIDI, Rochester MI
Ms. Dark has a kind, respectful, and non-judgmental demeanor that makes others feel at ease
— Kristen, Ann Arbor MI
I have also asked for her assistance with breastfeeding, infant gas and colic, naps, cloth diapers and have even confided in personal problems in her. She is quick with a professional and caring answer and reassurance in my skills as a mother. Heather is professional, timely and responsive but more importantly, our son loves her.
— Marta D. Ann Arbor, MI