Meet the Doulas



labor & Postpartum doula, Lactation Educator

Heather has worked in childcare for the past 15 years, 10 of those as a private nanny. When her close friend became pregnant in 2014, Heather wanted to be as supportive as possible. She attended a training with the Childbirth and Postpartum Association (CAPPA) which provided her with the tools to support her expecting friend as her Birth and Postpartum Doula. This experience launched Heather’s career in Childbirth Services: she has since supported parents during birth as well as through the postpartum period. She is currently working toward certification for both services.

Heather strongly believes that all birthing persons deserve to have access to unbiased support. She strives to provide parents with science-based information so that they can make the most informed decision for themselves and their baby. Heather has seen first-hand the impact this type of support can have during the physical and emotional transitions of becoming a parent. She has found that if a parent is confident, informed, and well taken care of, the parenting experience is more empowering and there is a stronger bond with baby.

Heather lives in Southfield with her husband, Cory, and her two rescue pits, Bindi & Bugsy. When she is not working, she is typically continuing education, teaching lessons on baby wearing, traveling, or at home with her family.


AVA DARK, founder

postpartum doula & Lactation Educator

Ava has had a soft spot for babies since she was a toddler: she has several memories of getting caught picking up other babies in daycare. Ava took a babysitting class at 11 years old and started babysitting soon after. She has now worked in childcare for the past 15 years, 7 of those as a private nanny. 

With the intention of becoming a therapist, she studied psychology and sociology at Alma College. When a summer nanny job fell into her lap, she quickly realized therapy was not for her and that in order to be fulfilled, she needed to work with little ones. 

In 2016, Ava packed her car and moved to Houston for a year, where she worked for Casa de Esperanza as a foster parent. She provided 24/7 care for young children in crisis, working with cases of addiction, abuse, attachment disorders, learning disabilities, etc. While she has no biological children, she learned what it meant to be a parent in Houston--the highs, the lows, and the unconditional love through it all.

When she discovered the role of a Postpartum Doula, she immediately knew that this was the career for her. Deciding to combine her expertise of infants with her passion for helping parents, she trained with CAPPA and is now actively working toward her certification. 

She lives in downtown Plymouth with her partner, Brad, and her puppy, Paisley. In her spare time, Ava loves rollerblading, crafting, and reading.